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EQUIPMENTSMicroscopic Analysis and Cytometry platform

Microscopic Analysis and Cytometry platform


Julie GONAND (Rouen)
(mail :  tél : 0235146734)
Frank LE FOLL (Le Havre)

The platform laboratory instruments capable of determining the physical characteristics, expression profiles and activities of individual cells, microorganisms and tissues.

Equipments for sterile preparation of adherent or suspended cells, living or fixed, for fluorescence and luminescence imaging approaches are also available.

  • Rapid and sensitive detection of microorganisms
  • Cellular morphometric analysis, absolute counting of mono-dispersed particles
  • Cell culture, primary cultures and lines from 8 to 37 ° C
  • Phenotyping, cycle and cell death analysis
  • Enzymatic activities measurement, immunodetection
  • Lightfield imaging, phase contrast, fluorescence, time-lapse  at controlled temperature (8 to37 °C)
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy imaging (SEM)

Microscope  EVO 40 EP (ZEISS)

Polarizing microscope DLMP (LEICA)

Flow cytometer Chemscan RDI® AES CHEMUNEX equipped with :  


Microscope Eclipse 50i (Nikon Instruments)


    Digital camera DS-Fi1 (Nikon Instruments)

     and imaging analyser (NIKON)

Cytometer 3000 ACEA (NOVOCYTE)
equipped with the NovoSampler PRO automatic analyser (ACEA)

Microscope EVOS FL Auto 2 (Invitrogen)

Cellular imaging system (Roper Scientific) including :


  • Inverted microscope TE2000 (Nikon)
  • Black and white CDD camera CoolSNAP EZ Photométrics (Roper Scientific)
  • Shutter (Uniblitz)
  • Image acquisition and processing software MetaMorph (Molecular Devices)

Cryostat HM 525 (Microm Microtech)

Wildlife observation system including :

Microscope DM1000 FC / Phase Trino (LEICA)

Stereomicroscope M205C (LEICA)

Binocular M60 (LEICA)