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EQUIPMENTSMobile Technical platform and In-situ Equipments

Mobile Technical platform and In-situ Equipments

Julien DELOFFRE (Rouen)
Ahmed BENAMAR (Le Havre)

PRESEN has a proven experience in the hydro-sediment transfers field (in the continent-sea continuum) which relies on high-frequency approaches from the watershed continuum to the near-coastal area.

The platform is equipped with an instrumental range dedicated to in situ parameters measurement in order to allow the understanding of the processes related to hydrodynamic and sediment transport, in the context of long- term measurements acquisition . This instrumental range is associated with specific means of implementation and logistic equipments, easily transportable and designed for  campaigns on international or workshop sites .

This technical platform works with powerful tools of processing and validation data :

  • Statistical processing
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • DTM (Digital Terrain Model)


Soil and sediment analysis:

Terrestrial Laser Scanner (Leica Geosystems Scan Station C10-3D)

Ground Penetrating Radar X3M (MALA)

AAcoustic Bed elevation measurement (ALTUS nke Instrumentation)

Electrical resistivity  meter (IRIS Instruments SYSCAL PRO)

Ground conductivity meter (Géonics EM34-3)

Seismograph (DAQLINK III)

Double ring infiltrometer (SDEC)


Water analysis:

Piezometric sensors (CTD-Diver)

Turbidity sensor OBS-3 (D&A instruments)

Multiparameter sonde (STBD nke Instrumentation)

Multiparameter sonde (MS5-OTT)

Multiparameter sonde (AQUAPROBE AP-2000)

Multiparameter sonde and Modem tube 300R (Aqua TROLL 600)

Multiparameter sonde (9500 AQUALYSE)

Multiparameter sonde CTD  SBE 19plus V2 (Seabird)

In situ Granulometer Laser (Sequoia LISST-100X)

Particle in suspension measurement Flow-Cell FC 200 M (OCCHIO)


ADV (Nortek & Sontek)

ADCP (RD Instruments)


Directional Wave gauge S4ADW (InterOCean System)

Ultrasonic flowmeter 2150 (PONSEL Mesure)

Handheld Flowmeter Flow Tracker ADV (SonTek)

Fluorimeters (GGUN Albillia) :
 - Type FL24  for borehold measurement
 - Type FL30  for surface waters

Tipping bucket rain gauge 2/10 (PONSEL Mesure)


Sampling equipments:

Dredge Rallier du Baty

Ekman-Binge sediment sampler

Niskin bottles

Automatic samplers 3700 (ISCO)

Motorized core sampling set R32


Sediments sampler kit:

Sediment loads sampler set (Delft bottle type)

Complete sampler set (Watertrap)

Complete bedloads sampler set (Arnhem type)


Nautical equipments:

Aluminum boat