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SERVICES & PRICES Proposed services

Proposed Services

The PRESEN platform provides the scientific and industrial community with the know-how and expertise of a multidisciplinary team and state-of-the-art scientific equipments.

With access to a large instrumental park, the scientific laboratories offer services that vary according to the technical platforms:

Rental / Avaibility of equipments

  • The equipments are made available to the applicant after training and support  in the use of these equipments.
  • Users are responsible for their  own analysis.
  • Rental is possible for some specific equipment during field missions

Service provisions (with or without samples preparation)

  • The platform teams carry out some or all the required experiments necessary to complete the applicant's project.
  • The service provision includes analysis with or without with or without sample pre-treatment under standard conditions or if the method development is minimal.



  • The platform offers advice and expertise at each stage of carried out studies, that can range from sampling strategy to the results interpretation.


Research and collaborative development

Partnership and collaboration contracts may be established for the implementation of projects that require significant development:

  • The development of new analyses or specific tests
  • The development of innovative techniques or new applications


Continuing training

  • The platform scientific staff provides short continuous training on some specific equipments.